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Dear Comrade Telugu Movie Review

Dear Comrade Telugu Movie Review

Right from the teaser, Dear comrade was advertised as a love story combined with a story of a young student leader. The makers tried their best to set expectations right in the trailer. But it would have been better if the length of the movie was advertised, as it was done for Arjun Reddy, Rangasthalam as a plus point. So that the audience would be more open to the amount of film that they need to consume.

Story: Bobby, AkA Chaitanya AKA comrade (VD) is an angry student leader in Kakinada, who believes in the ideology to fight for what you deserve without fear. He fights for students' cause against local politicians. Parallelly, he gets to meet Lilly, AKA Aparna Devi(Rashmika) who later reveals herself as a state-level cricketer. The couple falls for each other eventually and will be split when Vijay chooses his ideologies of a fight over love.  The rest of the story deals with situations that led to their union and how Bobby (the Comrade) helps Lilly fix the problems she faced when he was away.


Though the movie has a very important and much-needed message to tell, in the end, the story doesn't unfold to the final conflict until after 2 hours of run time. The constant shuffle between the lover boy Bobby and the comrade Bobby pulls of the first half with entertainment but no clear conflict to drive the movie. Small conflicts in love and student life get dissolved even before they are fully picked up. The conflict less story keeps the audience confused about the goal of the movie, is it love or fight (the Comrade emotion). The final showdown, from the 120th minute, movie jumps into a reasonably pacy narrative and leads towards a good ending.

Dialogues in the movie could have been more vocal, we get a feeling that the words/actions did not fully justify the emotion, the character is currently carrying.

Music made its presence felt. A couple of songs are good.

Camera work is good in fight scenes.
Vijay Devarakonda gave one of his finest performances.

Rashmika did a fair job buy could have taken more care while doing emotional scenes.

As the movie is being released in 4 south languages, maybe actors have done a few scenes in other languages, which makes us feel dubbing is out of sync in a few scenes.

The final movie still can be edited well, felt like still lots of work can be done on the edit table. a couple of scenes have a very abrupt ending makes us a few seconds to adjust to the mood of the next scene

Plus Points:

Vijay Devarakonda acting
Dealing with a message that is necessary now, and also which is not addressed so far.
Background music
Reality and honesty among characters.

Minus Points:

Unwanted length,
Bad editing (a couple of scenes get cut even when BGM is not completely faded/stopped).
Bad writing, (there are few places that take us to an emotional moment, we expect more of expression of the emotion between characters but they don't say it out or even act the emotion)

Finally, We can watch the movie for the message and should have a lot of patience and leisure while watching.

Bottom line: Fight for love, wait for conflict.

Rating: 2.75/5

-- Written by BHARADWAJ

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