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Ismart Shankar Telugu movie review and rating

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Expectations were high as Poori Jagannath's comeback is expected from iSmart Shankar. Not only because of him but also because of Ram Pothineni's Hyderabadi role. Let us see how it came out.


iSmart Shankar is a local rough & tough goon who does crimes on the instructions of his Kaaka . He falls in love with a civil engineer Chandini, a Warangal girl, equally wild as him. Later both of them fall in a trap because of a deal (of killing a well-known ex-minister) taken up by Shankar, and hence Chandini gets killed. Shankar decides for vengeance but gets near to death.
CBI cop Arun, who takes up the Ex-Minister's murder case, is also killed when he was almost at the disclosure. As his memory is crucial here,  his lady love Sarah transplants his memory to Ismart Shankar in the form of a chip (can read it as 'SIM card') and what happens next forms the key part.


iSmart Shankar title is actually meticulous and should be appreciated first as the term iSmart has 'smart' that of a 'Smartphone' and also 'i' that is present in the starting of iPhone that also stands for intelligence, besides sounding as the Hyderabadi variant of 'smart'.

Plotwise is an incredible pick by Poori. Screenplay wise also 70% of the film was commendable. Both of these really meant like a comeback of Poori. But the concept had greater scope to create wonders, much beyond the Aparichitudu type of scenes that come towards the end. There are many such bitter instances in the second half that break the speed. Poori should have focused more on this part than on the unnatural attitude of the hero. He failed considerably in channelizing his efforts. Telangana (Hyderabadi) culture got a lion's share in the movie. But the inclusion  of excessive abusive words ruined the core. Why to get inspired from Arjun Reddy?


Ram has shown new energy in Shankar's role but was regular in the second shade of the character. In many instances, he appeared to be imitating the styles of some leading heroes including Mahesh Babu.
 Heroines Nabha Natesh and Nidhi Agarwal are too glamorous. Others acted well in their roles.
Poori did a good job as a writer but failed as a director, especially towards the end of the film. Songs are mostly inspired by Teenmaar DJs of Telangana, but none of them made a mark. Some tunes were similar to that of 2009 films. Undipo song failed utterly in every aspect, including its placement. On the other hand, background music is the greatest asset of the film.

Plus points:

Manisharma's BGM
Glamour factor
Thriller scenes


Abusive part
Last one hour

RATING : 3/5

---  Written by Sam

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