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5 interesting updates on Pawan Kalyan - Krish film | PSPK27 updates

Many of us already know that Pawan Kalyan is simultaneously working for two projects. One is "Vakeel Saab" (Pink film remake) & Another one is under Krish's direction (PSPK27). While there is no announcement on the PSPK27 release date, Vakeel Saab will be released in Summer 2020. PSPK 27 shooting is going on at the brisk pace. We got some interesting information about PSPK 27.

5 interesting updates on PSPK27

1. PSPK27's budget is approximately 150 crores. Yes, That is very huge. This is the most expensive film among all Pawan Kalyan films to date. Producer AM Ratnam is leaving no stone unturned to make the film a magnum opus.

2. Pawan Kalyan is losing weight for this film. In PSPK27, Pawan appears in a Lean look and as also it has many action sequences that require perfect fitness to perform.

3. As per a few sources, Pawan is playing Robin-hood kind of role in the film.

4. PSPK27 is a periodical film, Set in the Pre-independence era.

5. As per Speculations, Director Krish is attempting to make this film as Pan-India one. He is trying to rope-in Bollywood artists to play key roles in the film.    

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