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RRR motion poster released | Review of RRR motion poster

RRR motion poster is unveiled and the title is officially announced with the Motion poster.  RRR = Roudram, Ranam and Rudhiram

Here is the RRR motion poster


 RRR motion poster review

By the grand success of Bahubali, Director Rajamouli has got the 'pan India' status. Movie buffs across the nation are eagerly waiting for his Next film RRR (abbreviation)

The Full Title (Full form of RRR) with motion poster is officially released today. RRR means "Roudram, Ranam, Rudhiram". The Motion poster looks stunning. It has further raised the expectations on the film.

Rajamouli describes the poster with his tweet "Water douses fire! Fire evaporates water!  And the two forces come together with immense energy".

Motion poster also reveals that NTR is Water and Ram Charan is Fire

Background score by Keeravani is somewhat similar to Bahubali, But it is good.

Roudram, Ranam, Rudhiram is not so catchy. However, it is not an issue because people call it as RRR.

RRR motion poster has got over 4 million views within 12 hours of its release.

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