There are some films in Tollywood that completely redefined Heroism.  They depicted Hero's character in a completely different manner which has set a new trend thereafter. We selected five best films from the list of films that depicted heroism differently.

1.Siva (1998):  Siva is a Trendsetter to many films in Tollywood. It has not only introduced new technology in Tollywood But also portrayed Heroism in a completely new way. The Hero's character is closer to reality and unique in Tollywood.  

The hero was shown as a common and sincere student at the beginning of the film, But as the film proceeds, he becomes rebellious against Mafia's hooliganism in his college. Even the fight sequences were directed in a manner that never seen before in Tollywood. The Cycle chain scene in Siva is one of the highlights of the film and it turned out to be one of the all-time best action sequences. 

2. Pokiri(2006): There's a lot to be said about Heroism in  Pokiri. Mahesh as 'Pandu' dominated the whole show with a new style of dialogues, mannerisms, appearance, and body language. His style and dialogues in the film were the hot topics among youth during that time.  

"Evadu kodithe dimma thirigi mind block avuthundo vaade pandu gaadu"  . "Nenu entha yedavano naake telidu"

Such dialogues added to a new style of heroism in the film. When it comes to appearance, Pokiri T-shirt has set a new trend and became one of the most followed fashion trends at that time. 

3.Arya(2004):  This film has brought the stardom to Allu Arjun. In this romantic action film, Arya's character looks completely different from other Telugu films. The character enjoys being in one-side love unlike other films and he looks confident in every matter. Despite being rejected by his love interest Geetha (played by Anuradha Mehta), Arya is always ready to help Geetha in every way, even he helps Anu to elope with her love Ajay (Played by Siva Balaji) and attempts to make her happy. Such characterization of the hero was never seen before in Telugu Cinema.  

One of the action sequences in the film was also designed in a different manner. When Ajay's men come to attack Arya, unlike regular action scenes, Arya just thrashes the things in order to show his ability. This Action sequence has set a new trend in Tollywood. 

4.Samarasimha reddy (1999):  Telugu actors portraying faction leader role became quite routine only after the release of Samarasimha Reddy in 1999. This film is a trendsetter to all faction films. Balakrishna played a faction leader role, which was only one of its kind at that time. 

Hero characterization in the film is quite powerful and was critically acclaimed. Such a depiction of a faction leader was never seen before in Tollywood.

5.Okkadu (2003):  Mahesh Babu has earned the stardom through this film. The Hero's characterization in the film consists of intensity and an adventurous attitude. The fusion of such character attributes made a unique depiction of heroism. In fact, it's the characterization of the hero which has turned out to be the major plus point of the film.