Megastar's Acharya

Most of us already know that the title of Koratala & Megastar's movie is 'Acharya'. Megastar revealed the film's title accidentally in an event. The film's shoot is stalled due to the Corona outbreak. 

To make fans happy, we are giving some interesting updates about Acharya.

Interesting updates about Koratala & Megastar's Acharya 

1. A reliable source says Ram Charan's role in Acharya is a very crucial one, Though his role is just an extended cameo, His character turns the story and raises the graph of the film.

2. Almost 40% of the film's shooting is completed. 

3. The film is a complete social drama blended with commercial elements like previous Koratala's films. The plot has an internal message which is much needed to present generation. 

4. Acharya will have a couple of action scenes that will be a treat for Megastar fans. Koratala Siva has written powerful dialogues followed by a superb action sequence like Janata Garage's govt office scene.

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