Telugu Actor Sampoornesh Babu

Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu announced another comedy-action film on the occasion of his birthday. Interestingly, the film will have a plot based on the Coronavirus outbreak. He shared the film's posters through his Social media profiles. 

The poster reveals that it is the last film to be shot in Wuhan, China. It is going to hit the screens on July 30th. Team of Sampu's hit film 'Hrudaya Kaleyam' is working for the film.

Sampoornesh babu is known for his parody comedy films. It seems like, This film is also a parody comedy film.

There are no film shootings happening due to the Corona outbreak. Here the question is when and where does the film shoot happen?.  So, it will be really interesting to see what is in the film. 

Sampoornesh Babu's new film poster