Are you bored?  Want some thrill? If you like to watch horror films and you are a strong-hearted person, Watch these Telugu Horror films that are officially available on Youtube.

5 Telugu Horror Films that are available on Youtube to watch

1.Deyyam(1996): This film is directed by Ram Gopal Varma. It is one of the trend-setting horror films of Tollywood. Deyyam is technically on par with Hollywood standards. Cinematography by ace technician Chota K Naidu is brilliant. The background score and artwork add to the mood. 
There are many scenes in the film that will haunt you after watching. It's also one of the best Telugu horror films.

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2.Pizza (2013):  It's a contemporary Horror film directed by Karthik Subbaraj. This horror film has a gripping screenplay that makes it a highly engaging thriller. The Film's story is about a Pizza Delivery boy who gets locked in a haunted building in a strange manner. Vijay Sethupathi played the main lead and gave his best for the role. Tamil Version of this film is released in 2012, It was dubbed into Telugu and released in 2013. 

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3.Marri Chettu (2004):  Marri Chettu is a dubbed version of Vastu Shastra. The film's story is similar to 'Deyyam' movie. It is directed by Saurab Narang who worked as a team member of Ram Gopal Varma. Though this film's story is a bit regular one, It's a well-made horror film that will thrill you. Marri Chettu is available on Youtube. 

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4.Mantra (2007):  Mantra might not be a perfect horror film, But it succeeds in thrilling the audience. Watching it with low expectations will not disappoint you. Performance of Charmi, Background score and cinematography are highlights of the film. 

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5.12va Anthasthu (2003):  It's a dubbed version of Hindi film 'Bhoot', directed by Ram Gopal Varma. The film again proves the brilliance of Ram Gopal Varma.  12va Anthasthu is worth a watch if you like Horror films. Urmila's performance was critically acclaimed and also she won several awards.

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